NHS workers are amazing. They look after us whenever we’re ill, and they do whatever they can to make sure we stay alive. That’s why we’re thanking them for their hard work, and you can do this too by following these easy steps:

  1. Draw your favourite person or object that reminds you of the NHS. It can be a nurse, a doctor or a stethoscope! 
  2. Make sure your drawing includes a short message thanking them. The message can be something along the lines of “Thank you, you’re a hero!"
  3. Once you’re done, ask one of your parents to submit your drawing here, or tag us @hnhcommunity and use the hashtag #OurHealthHeroes and we’ll share your lovely drawings on our website and on our social media channels! Please just include your first name only, and your age and town if you want, but please don’t pose in the picture yourself.